Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the general difference between airless and air-spray technology as it relates to EZ-Liner striping equipment?
Answer: Airless: Produces sharp edged and square cornered paint lines with less overspray Single supply hose routed to each paint spray gun Paints directly from a zero pressure storage tank or portable refillable container High-pressure operation (max. 2000 psi) using hydraulic powered reciprocal piston pump Sprays varying traffic paint viscosities without needing to thin down and therefore compromise the overall performance of the paint Reverse-a-clean carbide spray tips

Air-spray: Consistent pressure supplying paint to guns with air pressure pot system One paint hose and one air hose routed to each gun with individual pressure and atomization controls Fully enclosed, pressurized containers –ASME pressure vessel rated/certified Low-pressure operation (max. 100 psi) No moving parts with pressure pot system Stainless steel fluid nozzles with air atomization ports at the nozzle.

Question: Are all of your stripers compatible for use with both oil based and latex traffic paints?
Answer: Yes, generally speaking. The model 583 walk behind standard 2.5 gallon paint tank is not compatible with latex, but there is a 5 gallon stainless steel paint tank upgrade available for this model, or tank liners can be used when spraying latex. Replaceable pump packing material in airless models can be ordered specific for the paint being used to further ensure compatibility.

Questions: Is the Ultra Guard barrier painting attachment compatible with any walk behind striper?
Answer: No, a pressurized glass bead system and an air supply for gun activation is required. Also, to produce a quality paint line we recommend at least a 1.5 gpm pump on airless models.

Question: What size airless tips should we use for painting?
Answer: This will depend on the following main criteria:

Once these questions have been answered, check the size recommendation charts in the manual of the spray tip manufacturer. Contact EZ-Liner for a complimentary slide chart to calculate gallons per mile or feet per gallon requirements in association with mil thickness.

Question: How long can I store latex paint in my truck's paint system?
Answer: When using latex traffic paint, it is important first of all to ask your traffic paint manufacturer or supplier for general guidelines on how long the paint can be stored in the tanks and lines before it will start to set up or dry out in your machine. If they can't tell you in customer service, ask for a chemist. EZ-Liner recommends spraying paint through the system every couple of days (into a bucket) to keep the paint flowing to remain liquid. We also recommend, when storing paint in the tanks for a long period of time, that you fill the unit first so the tank walls remain wet. Do not do any maintenance such as detaching a paint gun or cleaning filters during this storage period as this will introduce either air, water, or both into the paint system and catalyze the paint drying process. If maintenance is required, wait until the end of the storage period or run paint into a bucket following this maintenance so you can immediately replace the air and water introduced to the system with paint.

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